These are the areas of interest we will be focusing our efforts on:

Issue-Based Committees:

Women’s Issues: The Women’s Issues Committee (WIC) is committed to the fight for gender equality. The committee educates and engages TWWLA members, the progressive community, and partner allies in the fight against the many injustices and challenges women face on a daily basis. This is done through supporting and partnering with aligned organizations on existing community events and programs — and by developing our own initiatives that support women’s issues.  

LGBTQ Rights: The LGBTQ Committee works to support and advocate for civil rights equality for the LGBTQ community by taking proactive measures and building partnerships with fellow organizations. Our fight for equality makes use of public activism and works to build inclusivity and promote understanding. Through educational programming and awareness and by developing new strategies, we protect and uphold LGBTQ rights.

Racial and Cultural Justice: The Racial Justice Committee (RCJC) is dedicated to supporting and advocating for issues that affect and impact people of color. Through identifying like-minded organizations in the Los Angeles community, the committee determines which local partnerships and initiatives are important for us to support and promote. The committee also opens the door to important conversations between TWWLA members and the community at large — bringing up key issues in the news and the neighborhood.

Political Awareness and Education: The Political Awareness and Education Committee (PAEC) analyzes political and societal information that impacts the goals and initiatives of TWWLA. The committee directs members to important opportunities to engage in workshops, seminars and forums on political issues, candidates and advocacy — and monitors and researches pertinent political legislation, races and issues.

Function-Based Committees

Media & Creative Content: The Media and Creative Content Committee (MCCC) facilitates the production and distribution of content that challenges and changes the status quo, supports journalism outlets that maintain integrity and ethics in their reporting, and opposes the government, or other entities, that seek to censor arts or the media.

The committee encourages filmmaking, reporting, photographing, recording, and other art by, and about, people from marginalized groups; it also creates original projects, or champions the work of others, that advocate for equal rights, liberty, and justice for Women, LGBTQ, People of Color, and People with Disabilities. The committee also serves as media and government watchdogs—demanding integrity in journalism, and in the government’s interactions with the media, by actively opposing any effort to circulate fake news, censor free speech, or control ethical reporting.

Events & Fundraising: The Events and Fundraising Committee (EFC) develops resources and raises funds for TWWLA to support our initiatives. Special events and donor outreach programs are created in alignment with partner advocacy groups dedicated to progressive issues. The committee is responsible for planning and executing events, soliciting donations, upkeep of the donor database, and monitoring the financial status of TWWLA.

External Communications: The External Communications Committee (ECC) is the strategic center of TWWLA — continually advancing and defining who we are. The committee creates content for all of our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram); writes and develops programs with partner organizations; and develops initiatives to promote TWWLA. By offering communications guidance to TWWLA leadership and members, External Communications helps to create a unified voice for the entire organization.

Technology: The Technology Committee (TC) works on all aspects of tech strategy and support for TWWLA. From website design and maintenance, to finding new apps and software, to SEO and social media optimization, they are responsible for selecting and implementing new technology and digital platforms — and supporting our existing systems.

Internal Communications: The Internal Communications Committee (ICC) is dedicated to ensuring effective communication between our executive leadership, board of advisors, committees, members, and volunteers. The committee is responsible for scheduling and coordinating meetings, maintaining calendars, monitoring member lists, and updating the volunteer database. For every well-functioning organization, internal communications is key.

Legal Affairs & Crisis Management

Facebook Administration